.com Gets Knocked Off The Leader Board By Touch Bags

Knowing which site to buy all your designer replica merchandise is important these days as there are just way too many online shops dealing in these goods. You have to be careful and look for the signs of a good shop, and this article will help you find the best of the best. Now I will be comparing and Touch Bags so that you can see what to look for and how to compare it to another site you are eyeing out. Knockoff-Bags has a pretty good product line, but does it compare to Touch Bags, which is the industry leader? Is Touch Bags able to beat off the competition from Knockoff-Bags in the realms of customer support?

How is the product range at Knockoff-Bags?

There is a lot to be said for having a large number of products. It is pretty silly to open an online shop if you have less choice than the average retail store, right? Well thankfully, both and Touch Bags have great product ranges. That is to say – they not only have a large collection of bags, but a wide number of designer brands on show. However, there can only be one winner and that winner is definitely Touch Bags. They have a far greater selection and they have newer models out quicker, while retaining certain classics in their collections. This means that their collection is always growing and it really is difficult for anyone to match them. Simply put, they have the biggest selection not only of bags, but of shoes and watches and jewelry as well.

We want service Knockoff Bags!!

Customer support is the life blood of any business and rightly so. If I have to wait for any amount of time over what is considered reasonable for answer to a question, it's not looking good for a return purchase, from me at least. Now this is where completely lets itself down. They have most of the ingredients of a great site but unfortunately the fact that they only have an email submit option is terrible. They have a decent turnaround time for answers, but I really feel the need to talk to someone in real time – whether that be with LiveHelp or via telephone – and if one of these options is not available then I feel let down by the company. Knockoff Bags should really do better.